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Make the smart choice and let the number one processor and manager of food industry by-products work for you.

Get the Best Results

Capture better revenues, and achieve better solutions by leveraging IIC’s ten processing facilities, two hundred employees, sales in twenty six countries, and dozens of facilities under management.
Be an Expert

Achieve better solutions by using IIC’s fifty years of experience and resources in feed industry sales, product development, animal nutrition, risk management, regulatory & compliance, and recycling.

Remove Risk

IIC understands your needs and has implemented successful programs at hundreds of facilities. By working with IIC, you’ll have the assurance of a firm with a fifty year proven track record working to help meet your needs.

EZ one stop shopOne Stop Shop:

Get optimal results all in one place. IIC has the experience and resources to reduce waste, avoid landfill, increase revenues, simplify processes, improve compliance, and reduce market risk with one material, one facility or fifty facilities.