Dairy and Veal Calves

Dried Cheese MR

Spray-dried real cheese for a nutrient dense source of milk fat and milk protein that is dispersible in milk replacer applications.

Nutri-GoldĀ® Dried Milk

Research-proven source of dried milk produced from fresh, wholesome dairy-case milks.

Milk Proteins

High quality feed-grade milk proteins, including dried skim milk, whey protein concentrates, caseinates, and whole milk powders.

Fine Ingredient Additives

Complete array of acidifiers (citric, ascorbic, sorbic, plus more), preservatives (Ca-& Na-proprionate, K sorbate, and more), gums, starches, titanium dioxide, and more in the cupboard.

Specialty Starches & Proteins (Ingredion)

Full array of corn, rice, tapioca, potato, and pea starches & flours. Potato and pea proteins too.

FortifeedĀ® (Ingredion)

High purity prebiotic fiber, containing a minimum of 95% short-chain fructooligosaccarides (scFOS), that promotes digestive and immune health in calves.